Property One Group.
18. February 2022

ONE Real Estate Debt Fund – one year of success

For more than a year now, the ONE Real Estate Debt Fund (OREDF) has been offering qualified investors the opportunity to invest in subordinated real estate financing. In addition, the fund offers professional players in the Swiss real estate market the opportunity to access an alternative source of financing and optimise the financing structure of their properties and projects.

While this type of investment or financing is already established in many parts of Europe, the ONE Real Estate Debt Fund is the first private debt fund to offer this possibility in the Swiss market.

Since the fund was launched by Property One in February 2021, a diversified portfolio of 39 loans amounting to over CHF 127 million has been built up. The loans were granted for selected investment properties, promotional projects and in the form of bridge financing throughout Switzerland, and are always mortgage-backed.

The successful development of the OREDF highlights not only the existing level of interest from investors, but also the need among borrowers for alternative forms of financing.

Property One combines in-depth market knowledge and real estate expertise with financial market know-how. With its roots in real estate and its special expertise in private real estate debt, Property One is also confident about facing the challenging market environment and growing competition, and expects to see the OREDF continue to grow strongly over the course of the year.